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Graduate Opportunities

I am not currently recruiting any graduate students for the 2018 year. Students interested in a 2019 start are encouraged to contact me.

Some potential projects for graduate students could include:

  • Examining the impacts of environmental change on zooplankton communities on the Great Plains of North America
  • Studying the impact of permafrost melt on plankton communities in the Northwest Territories
  • Exploring patterns and processes involved in global lake warming
  • Examining the recovery of zooplankton communities from stressors such as acidification
  • Studying the invasion of the spiny water flea Bythotrephes longimanus

Graduate students in my laboratory will be trained in basic limnology, zooplankton taxonomy, field and laboratory experimentation, and will have the opportunity to learn multivariate statistical techniques and the R programming language.

Undergraduate Opportunities

I am in need of undergraduate students to assist with a project analyzing the adaptation of zooplankton to shifting salinity levels in lakes on the Great Plains. This is a chance to get experience running ecological laboratory experiments and there are opportunities to conduct your own research projects. Please contact me if you would like more information.


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