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Dr. Derek Gray (C.V.)


Dr. Derek Gray
Assistant Professor
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo ON  
N2L 3C5  
tel: +1-519-884-0710 x2500
office: N3021D
Skype: derek-gray1
derek coring 
Current graduate students:

Mercedes Huynh (MSc) - Response of zooplankton communities to climate-driven changes in salinity.

Rachel Cohen (MSc) - Macroinvertebrate communities in lakes from the Mackenzie Delta Region.

Jasmina Vucic (MSc) - How will zooplankton communties in northern lakes respond to permafrost thaw?


Past undergraduate research students:

Stephanie Nalbone (2016)
Project: Baseline zooplankton data collection before the arrival of the Asian carp in a major Pennsylvania river
Current position: MSc student at California University of Pennsylvania

Luv Biswa (2015)
Project: Distribution and impact of the spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) in the Allegheny River

Christina Santmyer (2014)
Project: The accumulation of plastid debris on Lake Erie beaches
Current position: Zookeeper at the Jackson Zoo

Martha Roege (2014)
Project: Potential impacts of climate change on zooplankton communities on the Great Plains

Dylan Cohen (2013)
Project: Detecting phenological changes in Lake Baikal zooplankton communities
Current position: Ph.D. student at Claremont Graduate University

Kimberley Lemmen (2011)
Project: Using resurrection ecology as a tool to evaluate the recovery of acid-damaged Killarney Park lakes.
Current position: Ph.D. student at the Netherlands Institute for Ecology

steph nalboneluvChristina martha collecting core dylanKim

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