Gray laboratory

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Dr. Derek Gray (C.V.)


Dr. Derek Gray
Assistant Professor
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo ON  
N2L 3C5  
tel: +1-519-884-0710 x2500
office: N3021D
Skype: derek-gray1
derek coring 

Current graduate students:
Mercedes Huynh (MSc) - Response of zooplankton communities to climate-driven changes in salinity. mer
Rachel Cohen (MSc) - Macroinvertebrate communities in lakes from the Mackenzie Delta Region. rachel
Jasmina Vucic (MSc) - How will zooplankton communties in northern lakes respond to permafrost thaw? jasmina
Thomas Pretty (MSc) - Impacts of resource development on aquatic habitats in Canada's north. tom
Mathew Teillet (MSc) - Impacts of granular ferry landings on water quality and fishing opportunities in the Mackenzie and Peel Rivers. matt

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